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Self Defense Workshop
21.December.2018 from 19:00 to 20:30
at Leverage BJJ Malaysia, TTDI, KL.

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Proper knowledge of self-defense techniques and strategies is an invaluable resource, no matter where you are. Everyone is encouraged to attend this introductory self-defense workshop so that they may gain the skills and confidence necessary to protect themselves. The workshop will cover conditioning, how to preemptively avoid conflict, and how to deal with a variety of real-world situations. In the training, students will learn grabs, take downs, wrestling positions, and how to defend against standing chokes, in an easy and effective manner.
Self Defense Workshop
What you will learn
Practical self defense techniques
Effective chokes and joint locks
Understanding how to keep yourself safe
Engage only if you are engaged. Learn tips and rules of engagement
A mindset for self defense
Escapes from common holds and evasion techniques
You are guaranteed to have fun!
Workshop Instructor:
Aaron Goh
- Gold at IBJJF Pan Pacific GI - 2017 - Australia
- Gold at IBJJF Pan Pacific No-Gi - 2017 - Australia
- Gold at Bangkok BJJ Open - 2017 - Thailand

Aaron is owner & coach at Leverage BJJ Malaysia. He is currently training for his upcoming Worlds Jiu Jitsu championship in Las Vegas, USA.

Self Defense Training
Private or Corporate self defense classes.
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Workshop Feedback
Chin Wui mon
From Merk Pharmaceutical
Received countless positive feedback from my team since workshop via messages..well done Aaron Goh and Damon Soo Mag and team.. everyone can feel your passion. Thank you so much for this wonderful workshop...Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for something different for their team building with elements of fun and useful practical self defense tips.
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1 Pax
For individuals
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kids below 12 years old
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Workshop Location
17, Lorong Datuk 7, TTDI
( Next to Acai Lab )
6000, KL, Malaysia
( Open in Google Map )
[email protected]

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Leverage BJJ Malaysia
17, Lorong Datuk 7, TTDI ( Next to Acai Lab ) 6000, KL, Malaysia
Leverage BJJ Malaysia
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